What Are the Differences Between Strong Magnets and Ordinary Magnets?

Many people who are going to buy magnets may have such questions: What are the differences between 

strong magnets and ordinary magnets? Which type of magnets should I choose? Is it better to buy strong neodymium

 magnets or ordinary ferrite magnets? So in this article, we will try to answer the above questions one by one.

What Are the Differences Between Strong Magnets and Ordinary Magnets?

What Are the Differences Between Strong Magnets and Ordinary Magnets?

Compared with ordinary ferrite magnets, what are the advantages of NdFeB strong magnets? 

First of all, compared with ordinary ferrite magnets, NdFeB strong magnets have a stronger magnetic force. 

Neodymium magnets are currently the strongest magnets available on the market. They are many times stronger 

than ordinary magnets in terms of magnetic force. Under normal circumstances, the workers who install these strong 

magnets must be careful to avoid injury caused by two strong magnets, which shows how strong their magnetic force is.

In addition, strong magnets are relatively easy to process into special shapes. Compared with ordinary ferrite 

magnets, the strong magnets can be perforated, slotted, and cut without using a mold.

Moreover, compared with the ordinary ferrite magnets, the precision of the strong magnets is higher. 

The tolerance of strong magnets can usually be ±0.05, or even lower, which ordinary ferrite magnets are generally 

difficult to achieve.

How to tell apart a strong magnet and an ordinary ferrite magnet? 

The most obvious difference between ordinary ferrite magnets and NdFeB strong magnets in appearance is that 

ordinary ferrite magnets are usually black while NdFeB strong magnets are generally white magnets.

Another obvious difference between strong magnets and ordinary ferrite magnets is that NdFeB strong magnets 

are harder. Because strong magnets contain certain rare elements and are denser, so they are much harder than 

ordinary ferrite magnets. Collisions that cannot be avoided during the use will not affect the integrity of the strong 

magnet while the common ferrite magnet is fragile and cannot maintain a complete appearance for a long time.

Then, ordinary ferrite magnets, and NdFeB strong magnets, which one should I choose? 

If you do not have too high a requirement for the magnetic force of the magnet, and the budget is relatively limited, 

then we recommend that you buy a ferrite magnet. On the contrary, if you want to buy a magnet with a stronger

 magnetic force and more complicated shape, then choose NdFeB.



Thank you for reading our article and we hope it can help you to have a better understanding of the differences

 between strong magnets and ordinary magnets. If you want to know more about NdFeB strong magnets and 

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