magnetic extender phone holder

Extension Phone Holder  Magnetic Car Dashboard/Windshield/Table/Desktop Mount  Support   360 degree rotation 

Product Description:

[New Improved Phone Holder] Laptop Side Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder For Apple,xiaomi,Huawei,Samsung,

[Easy To Use] Just tear off the protective tape from the mounting base, attach it to the back of a desktop or laptop monitor, then rotate the stand arm to display the magnetic stand. Can firmly adsorb the phone next to the laptop or screen, stable and not loose. 

Note: This product can only be installed on smooth, flat surfaces.[Lightweight, Compact and Powerful] Dual Screen Side Clips are made of high-quality lightweight aluminum alloy materials. quality, small size, such as the extension arm can be connected to the phone.

1.What is the NdFeB Neodymium magnts?

NdFeB magnets are also know as Neo, Neodymium Iron Boron, NdBFe, NIB, 

Super Strength, and Rare Earth Magnets (although SmCo also shares this term). 

This data sheet covers the standard production 55. range of NdFeB magnets 

(currently 55 grades) that are commonly in use. They are used in nearly all 

Industries:- Automotive, Aerospace, Wind Turbine, Military, White Goods, 

Lighting, Food Preparation, Separation, Motor and Generator Industries are 

just a few example Industries.  NdFeB magnets are all REACH and ROHS 

compliant. NdFeB magnets can be made in blocks, discs, rings, arcs, spheres, 

triangles, trapezoids and many other shapes 

as stock and custom items. We manufacture NdFeB assemblies. We have a 

NDA (Confidentiality Agreement) form if you require peace of mind relating 

to confidentiality.

neodymium magnets shapes.png

2.How many Grades we can provide?

The most common range of NdFeB (Nxx versions) will usually operate at up to 

+80 degrees C. The temperature ratings are guideline values.

Higher temperature versions (NxxM, NxxH, NxxSH, NxxUH, NxxEH, NxxVH/AH) 

are rated from up to +100 degrees C to a maximum of up to +230 degrees 

C. The total magnetic circuit (magnet shape, other components, surrounding 

environmental conditions) can impact on the actual maximum temperature 

and performance. In some applications the temperature at which significant 

weakening is seen may be at or slightly above the recommended maximum 

temperature. In some applications the temperature at which significant 

weakening is seen may be noticeably below the recommended maximum 

temperature it depends on the application.

neodymium magnet grades chart.jpg

3.How to choose  the coating for the Ndfeb magnet?

All NdFeB magnets should have some form of protective coating to minimise 

and ideally prevent corrosion. Uncoated is not advised. The default / standard 

protective coating is Ni−Cu−Ni plating. Other coatings/finishes exist (over 

40 finishes are currently available). Where maximum corrosion resistance is 

required for NdFeB, consider using the increased corrosion resistance range 

of NdFeB alloys.

Neodymium magnet  Coating.jpg

4.How We pack the NdFeb magnets?

For the Common shapes we do it as photo, but for customize ones, It depends.

Neodymium magnet packing.jpg

5.How to Ship the Neodymium magnets?

We have our own account DHL and UPS.Every time just pay the magnetism testing

Fee for each Carton, It can be shpped smoothly. Meanwhile you can select ship your order 

by sea or by train. No limit.




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