Strong Rubber coated magnetic mount for Lighting,Camera,Tools and equipement

Product: rubber coated neodymium magnets
Material: neodymium magnets + steel + rubber
Surface Treatment: magnet NiCuNi or Zn coated first, then encased by rubber
Magnet grade: it depends on pull force
Working temperature: room temperature
Mounting methods: countersunk holes or threaded can be equipped with standard hardware (nuts and bolts), or various hooks.

Product Description:


1.Mounting magnets are a popular tool designed specially for storage, hanging and organizing function. 

2.They are made by super strong rare earth neodymium magnets.

3.NdFeB magnets are known to be hard, fragile and prone to rusting. 

4.These disadvantages may limit the use of NdFeB magnets for specific applications. 

5.Therefore, a rubber cover with a built-in magnet system is a perfect combination.

6.We can use them to hold or mount many items on refrigerator, camera, car roof and equipment etc. Such as light mounting; GPS fixing, art & holiday decorations hanging, advertising installation or other device installation. They are also ideal tools for storage cables, tools, coat ,towel, tableware and anything else which need save space in kitchen, bathroom, garage and workshop.




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