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Metal Refrigerator Magnetic Push Pin

PUSH PIN MAGNETS: Just enjoy your pin magnets on magnetic surfaces. As for the unique design, this magnetic pins are cute and easy to use, which are also perfect to create a fun atmosphere making your kitchen, room, office, and memo colorful and catchy.

Product Description:

These magnetic map/push pins are made to replace the pushpins with needles. Since no sharp pins are used, 

they are much safer than the regular push pins. These magnetic pushpins can be used on any magnetic surfaces. 

They are becoming more and more popular today since magnetic whiteboards are more commonly used.

They are much stronger than the similar products on the market. They can be used on magnetic whiteboard, 

office cabinets, school lockers and magnetic whiteboard. No more headaches on those cheap fridge magnetsthat 

keeping sliding down the refrigerators!

PS: If you would like to buy a cheaper one, Colorful column neodymium magnets avialable.

Product styleNeodymium manget push pin
How many A4 paper it can hold?
10pcs/Brown box 
for Fridge Office Memo Whiteboard Calendars Maps


Q: would these pins hold a set of house/car keys on the refrigerator?

A: yes, It just choose the size and strenth you need.

Q: Do you guys sell magnets stronger than this.

A: yes, Dangerous stronger. Keep them from kids under 12 year old.

Q: Can we order mix colors?

A: Yes ,you can. moq is 100pcs/color.Mix packing.

Q: What is the common colors?

A: pink, red, green, yellow,stainless steel, blue and orange ect.

Q: Are they in anyway hazardous to your health?

A: Not unless you swallow them or stuff them up your nose or something. They're just magnets, 

so unless you have a pacemaker or an uncontrollable desire to eat things that aren't food, you should be good to go.

Q: Since the magnet is so strong, is it hard to be removed from a fridge?

A: Not at all. The magnets are strong but they're also small, so even a young child could remove one.

Q: Will it work with the magnetic thinking putty?

A: Any magnet will work with Magnetic Thinking Putty.




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